Battalion Hockey Trading Cards

International Canadore College Graphic Design Student Fangmou Liu has been photographing the North Bay Battalion almost every night since the season opener. His photos have been published in local newspapers and on multiple OHL websites. If you have purchased a pack of the North Bay Battalion trading cards you are holding some of his greatest shots. Great work Fangmou.

A Balanced Teamwork

Learning to work as a team can be more difficult than it sounds. In Professional Development class students attempt the helium-stick exercise. This is a deceptively simple but powerful exercise for learning how to work together and communicate in small sized groups. Later they attempted to enlarge a image by breaking it into 6 parts and individually illustrating a scaled section.

Allen Currie Book Cover

Project Description Field Work Training 3rd year students are challenged to design a book cover for local author Allen Currie’s book Operation Phoenix. Congratulations to Erik McManus on having his design published. More information on Alan Currie can be found at and a digital edition of his book can be purchased here