Collaborative Logo Design

1st year Graphic Design Students are challenged to work collaboratively to Design a logo with specific criteria in an limited amount of time. Word mapping, sketches, discussions, and revisions take place before a final design is chosen and then quickly digitalized on an iPad.

Dr. Mary Stewart’s Visit to Canadore College

Dr. Mary Stewart (Author of Launching the Imagination, founding member of the Integrative Teaching International Think Tank ( visited Canadore College to share her thoughts and inspire students. Mary is a pedagogue and Coordinator of the art foundations program at Florida State University.

It was a great seminar loaded with stories, interaction and discussion.

RGD Visit Canadore Graphic Design Students

Today Hilary Ashworth of RGD visited the Canadore Graphic Design Program. RGD was introduced to new students and Hilary explained the benefits and changes occurring with accruing designation. Co-speaker Frank Chartrand RGD, who runs a firm out of Sudbury, spoke about his experience as a Graphic Designer and his business. It was very inspirational.