Panning with Hero… & Eric

The second year students lined up to snap shots of Hero and Eric at the North Bay waterfront. It was a gorgeous morning with great sunlight allowing vibrant colours to pop out. Hero was just as excited as the photographers. Panning and stop action were the techniques focused on in todays excursion.

Screaming Subject Matter

Today the third year students explored Burk’s Falls Screaming Heads. The artwork, sculptures and atmosphere is quite interesting and every corner offered something unique to view and take in. It was a great day with a thick overcast giving the students another reason to get creative with their photos.

Monday Morning Still Life

First year Illustration students capture their first still life and brush up their sketching skills. With so much interesting subject matter the students are encouraged to focus on a specific portion and pay special attention to lighting, shapes and texture.

Dabbing Into Colour Theory

Colour theory is such an important part of design. A single colour can represent a feeling, emotion, temperature and change the meaning portrayed in a design. 2nd year students are tasked to explore colour by familiarizing themselves with with different acrylic painting techniques and effects.