For Students

For our new students staring this fall semester 2019, you need a robust and reliable laptop, and a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. We recommend a MacBook Pro as Mac is the graphic design industry standard. If you would like to get a PC, please ensure it meets similar specs to the two models below. If you laptop is not powerful enough, you will not be able to operate the Adobe Creative Cloud software.


We recommend you do as much upgrading as is possible when purchasing your new Mac. Below are two configurations that can be considered as a starting point and will run Adobe Creative Cloud.

Ensure you are purchasing through Apple’s Education Store for education pricing.

View the 13″ MacBook Pro on Apple’s education pricing site and configure to the above suggested spec OR as suits your budget.

View the 15″ MacBook Pro on Apple’s education pricing site and configure to the above suggested spec OR as suits your budget.

adobe cc

Adobe has special student pricing. We recommend the Annual Prepaid Plan at $239.88 USD/yr.

adobe year plan

Click here to view Adobe Creative Cloud’s student pricing. You will have to create an Adobe account if you don’t already have one.

The Crypt

Booking Interface Update – Connect2

We’ve had some exciting new changes to The Crypt and how you book rooms and gear. Please download and review the following tutorial for more.

Crypt Booking Interface Tutorial (PDF)

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For Prospective Students


About the Program

Prepare for a creative and dynamic career. You can’t launch a new business, product or service without a visual element. As a graphic designer you could be creating logos, advertisements, animations, branding, ad images, digital content and websites. In the program you will learn and develop specific skills and techniques, compile an extensive portfolio, and gain invaluable work-related experience working with real clients.

Increase Your Design Skills

Dramatically increase your creative ability in all areas of design.

Computer Imagery
Pre-Press Production
Web Design

Software Exposure

Our students use the latest industry standard software and tools.

Computer Imagery

Edit and manipulate photographs and images using Adobe’s flagship application Photoshop CC.

Vector & Digital Artwork

Learn to draw and create sharp and precise vectorized artwork using Adobe Illustrator CC.

Layout and Creation

Design, layout & create studding content such as business cards, restaurant menus, magazine ads, posters and much more using Adobe InDesign CC.

Web Design

Build comprehensive modern website with modern standards such as HTML5, CSS3 using applications industry standard software Adobe Dreamweaver CC & Adobe Muse CC.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Create and animate beautiful graphics with Adobe After Effects CC & Adobe Flash CC.

Career Opportunities

  • Advertising and marketing firm
  • Multimedia Outlets
  • Web Design
  • Television and firm production
  • Printing houses
  • Design agencies and studios
  • Packaging firms

Student Testimonials

What some of our students had to say about the program.

  • Canadore has been a very positive experience for me. The program has taught me a lot to get me prepared for my career as a Graphic Designer. The professors have all been very helpful and accommodating when it comes to assignments. Everything that I need was made available for me too acquire to ensure that I was able to get the assignments done. I’ve had an amazing couple years filled with amazing people who want me to succeed.

    Breanna Church
  • Graphic Design Student”]It like that Canadore is in North Bay and close to home. I like the flexibility, too. If I can’t make it to a class or I’m having trouble with an assignment, teachers are available and willing to help.

    Alicia Cressall
    Graphic Design Student
  • One thing that I like about my program is the learning environment. The professors make the environment very comfortable to work in.

    David Shaw
    Graphic Design Student
  • I like the short classes and the amount of time given for individual projects. I like the location, the small class sizes, and the fact that teachers have enough time to help us out one by one.

    Shane Parsons
    Graphic Design Student
  • I enjoy the flexibility of our program and I like the one-on-one time we can have with the teachers. Canadore has provided me with several life experiences. It is my home away from home. I have my own family of friends here, and memories that will last a lifetime.

    Adam Beaven
    Graphic Design Student
  • I am a student with a disability, and during my time in the graphic design course at Canadore College I’ve run into many obstacles. However the faculty and the program have been very accommodating and understanding. They’ve helped me through the rough patches and offered a sympathetic ear. The instructors are very knowledgeable and I have received in-depth instruction to assist me in succeeding. I like the variety of subjects and the fact that we learn something new every day. The intellectual stimulation is in constant flux, making the course interesting and exciting.

    Justin Paulin
    Graphic Design Student
  • The Graphic Design program at Canadore College offers with a diverse range of projects and opportunities. The thing that I like the most is the ever-evolving atmosphere within the classroom. All the staff at Canadore seem to love what they do, and are more than happy to help you with whatever it is you need.

    Dan Beauchamp
    Graphic Design Student
  • I like how the program offers real-life projects. We get to participate in contests in the community, and the placement is a great advantage.

    Stephanie Landry
    Graphic Design Student

What You Learn

  • Corporate identity and branding
  • Digital photography
  • Illustration – traditional and digital
  • ePublishing and print production
  • Typography/page layout
  • Design and advertising
  • Online content, motion graphics and animation