Voucher for E-Business (VEB) connects eligible main-street companies with expertise and resources from Canadore College that can help business take advantage of online tools for driving market expansion.

Geared to “main street” companies, this project engages clients, Professors, Technologists and students from the College’s Graphic Design program, to provide students with a real-world learning opportunity for client-based work.

The clients, Ontario-based Small-Medium Enterprises, will work with students who are supervised, supported, and guided by College Professors and Technologists. The clients provide project outcomes and success measures to help guide the project.

Student teams act as consultants to the company, and are responsible for solving the challenges with input and guidance from college Professors and their industry partners. E-business solutions may include website development, online sales process implementation, and digital and social media initiatives.

If you are interested in applying or would like more information please contact:

Carol Bridle
Professor, Graphic Design Program
705.474.7601 ext. 5165


This program is funded by the Government of Ontario, through Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE). For more details about this OCE program please see: http://www.oce-ontario.org/programs/industry-academic-collaboration/collaboration-voucher-program/VEB