2020 Graphic Design Grad Showcase

Congratulations to our 2020 graduating class! Your individuality shines through in everything you do.

This year we have the special opportunity to flex our “virtual” showcase muscles and do a digital highlight of our 2020 graphic design program graduates. Their chosen theme for the showcase is “Individuality”. It’s always tough to bid farewell but very exciting for us to see them enter the industry with their unique design approaches and views of the world. Congrats to all!

Please browse their portfolios and view their demo reels below.

Giao Bui photo

Giao Bùi

In Canada, people call me Giao, but I am called “ Ha Giao” in Vietnam. The name means “The point where two rivers cross”. Inside of my inner world flows a river of creativity and art and a river of meaning, a river of tradition and a river of innovation, a river of structure and orders and a river of freedom, meeting each other at GIAO.

To me, creating or designing a beautiful product is not enough, the design has to be meaningful, thoughtful and memorable to whoever will be using it or seeing it. I always actively seek meaning and incorporate them into my designs as well as my artworks. That is my design philosophy, and I hope that I and you (my future employers, co-workers, clients, customers or audiences) “cross” each other at some point, so I will dedicate my knowledge, creativity, energy, and personality to make something great with you.

Whisper photo

Whisper Gillespie

HEY! My name is Whisper and my passion for graphic design all started when I was 15 years old! I went high school knowing I had an interest in art, but when I took the media arts course in grade 10, I immediately fell in love with graphic design. I graduated with 12 art credits, 2 co-op placements in the graphic design field, and completed the SHSM Arts and Culture program. In September 2017, I started here at Canadore College. My biggest passion was always illustration, and Photoshop. Starting my second year in the program, photography became my biggest success in the field. I’ve done countless client photoshoots, and recently travelled to Mexico for a destination wedding.

Noah photo

Noah McQuestion

My name is Noah McQuestion I am an artist and graphic designer. I have always loved art as a kid and would draw a lot throughout my life. I would draw anything i saw or came into my mind. I would continue drawing all the way into high school. I really started to realize by the end of high school that I wanted to work in some sort of art field. Once I graduated high school, I settled on the graphic design program at Canadore College. It was the perfect idea, since I loved art but also enjoyed using digital media. I was finally excited about what the future might hold for my art career.

Blake Watson photo

Blake Watson

The objective of my portfolio was to showcase my work in my distinct style. My interests are on full display; including the music I chose for my demo reel. I’ve wanted to show my work for a long period of time individually to give the audience some time to evaluate every aspect.

Eric Griese photo

Eric Griese

I will be graduating from Canadore College as a Graphic Designer in April. A few years ago, however, I wasn’t even contemplating going back to school. I was a Department Manager at Walmart and promotions were within my reach. I was planning to stay at Walmart but a series of unfortunate events changed my plans. Those events include the deaths of a couple of friends and the deaths of David Bowie and Prince, as well as a few other celebrities that I admired. Then my wife and I went to Montreal in May of 2017 and stayed at a place across the street from Ubisoft, a company that makes computer games like Assassin’s Creed and Watchdogs. Suddenly, the idea to do something with my artistic ability seemed like a possibility. Two weeks before classes started, I applied for college and the rest, as they say, is history.

The elements of Graphic Design that I love is, well, most of it, really. But I do like the motion graphics and editing film together, as well as making e-cards. I am able to help others make websites, but I am mainly good at Photoshop. I also can make business cards, movie posters, photo manipulation, menus, and postcards.

Bethaleen Wabano photo

Bethaleen Wabano

I’ve always been passionate about art, for as long as I can remember! All my electives were art classes in high school. Traditional art, pencil to paper, has always and will always be a passion of mine. I just love how you can escape in art. So when it came time to decide on a career path, I knew art was the way to go. Graphic design caught my eye, not just the illustration courses, but all the other forms of art offered in this program, such as photography, graphics, typography, etc. and I’ve never been disappointed in all my three years in this program.

Dakota Polson photo

Dakota Polson

Hello, my name is Dakota Polson. I’m a junior graphic designer, I come from a small town in Notre-Dame-Du-Nord, Quebec. I’ve been into graphic design for a while now, my style I work with is digital artwork in Illustrator. I decided to work with Illustrator beause it gives me the ability to colour change and erase my mistakes without leaving any marks behind and all my designs are all vector which is a great thing for After Effects. The retro 80s theme I like so much brings back a lot of memories and soothing vibes that make it feel like myself. I got into the theme from a variety of things like movies and video games. My future plans are to get a job that allows me to use the retro 80s theme. The thing that matters most for me is that I find a great job where I can use my style.

Fayth Viau photo

Fayth Viau

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved creating. From taking pictures to building something out of nothing. I was always up for a challenge. All throughout high school, I loved welding, that was going to be my plan. When I signed up for the yearbook committee, that’s what sparked my interest in graphic design. I love sitting with a group of people discussing what we needed to do and coming up with a design plan and seeing it come together for everyone to enjoy.


A Special Message from our Program Coordinator, Shirley Mondoux:

Instructed by Carol Bridle.

Student Portraits by Shirley Mondoux.

2020 Graphic Design Grad Showcase

Congratulations to our 2020 graduating class! Your individuality shines through in everything you do. This year we have the special opportunity to flex our "virtual" showcase muscles and do a digital highlight of our 2020 graphic design program graduates. Their chosen theme for the showcase is

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