Congratulations to our 2021 graduating class! Designing your ‘new normal’ added positivity and colour to an otherwise black and white world.

Each year we bid farewell to our graduating class with a shebang! You’re invited to view portfolios and connect with our students on their monumental achievements. To our grads – you did it! Your stamina and positivity were challenged at great lengths this year. That which didn’t kill your creativity has made you stronger.

We’re pleased to announce the graduating class of 2021.



From heart, to limb, to paper this has been my design philosophy. Art and design have always been a part of me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been doing some form of art. Whether it be photography, painting, or digital design art has always been a part of who I am and what I do. It is literally how I see our world.  As I grew older, I started to realize the encompassing role design plays in our everyday life, and how a good design can enhance and elevate a piece of art, and how that design can spark emotion and bring life to a piece of art. This passion and love for design drove me to pursue a career in design. I will never stop learning about my practice and art.  It is my goal as a designer to bring my clients ideas and designs to life in a way that is exceptional, visually appealing and evokes emotion.  

 Now that I am graduating from the Graphic Design program at Canadore, I can’t wait to put all the skills I’ve learned into practice to achieve meaningful designs. 




Good day and good spirits! 

My name is Cassandra Beauchamp, Cassie for short. I am from a small town, Kirkland Lake, Ontario. It might not seem like much here but, if you look close enough there are many hidden sceneries and dreamers with amazing ideas. With these dreamers, I hope to help bring a little colour and art to this small town. My inspiration comes from an endless list of inspiration and influences but here are a few; anime, manga, cartoons, tattoos, learning and album art. With an array of inspiration out there, I hope to take in as many in a creative way and share that expression with others and to continue the pursuit, even when difficult. 



Greetings! My Name is Emilie Brazeau and I am a third year graduate student in the graphic design program. From an early age, I had a deep interest in visual arts, and became passionate about it as I became more exposed to different mediums. I have been taking art classes since age ten and my artistic abilities expanded to digital design in high school. During my three years in the graphic design program, I discovered many different career paths that intrigued me such as packaging design, food photography, brand identity, digital signage and much more! I am looking forward to furthering my education as well as my skills and abilities in the field of graphic design. My professional goal is to become an art Director or a product/packaging designer. Im excited to see where my graphic design abilities will take me, but for now I am looking forward to continuing my studies in the graphic design field. 



My name is Grace Brooks and I am a Designer! 

You have no idea how good it feels to say that, those simple words bring a huge smile to my face. Graphic design has changed my view on the world, I no longer see the world in black and white. 

Graphic design is an essential part of the world we live in. If there was no graphic design, the Earth would be a boring rock filled with uninspiring people with no way to communicate. Instead, our world is full of colour and emotion and this is thanks to graphic design. This is what gets me so excited to design, I want to help people communicate their ideas in a visual way! 

My name is Grace Brooks and I am a Designer!




My name is Tu. I’m currently based in North Bay, Canada. My work revolves around digital/ social media branding, video editing, and motion graphics. I’m always intrigued in how businesses build their brands, and feel inspired and excited by the process, the stories, campaigns that a creative team crafts behind a successful brand.

Therefore, I strive to be one of those people who create interesting, fun and engaging content to connect with the right customer in a young, energetic, fresh approach. I prefer a bold, out of the box thinking mindset while still maintaining the cohesive design that strongly and effectively communicate the brand. If you also connect with what I present, let’s work together!



My name is Madison Canning, and I am a graphic designer, photographer and typography enthusiast. I am quite openminded when it comes to the different realms within graphic design, and enjoy pretty much all of its aspects. Ever since I was young, I have always loved drawing, typography and photography. Getting to take on these passions professionally has always been my dream and becoming a graphic designer has allowed me to do just that, and moreAfter studying graphic design these past few years, I have come to realize that it is one of the most powerful ways to address problems in our lives. I really value the ability to use my knowledge and creativity to inspire change. There are many issues and challenges the world is currently facing and it is important to me that I use what I know and love to help solve those problems, inspire others, and be a part of making the world a better, healthier place.  




My name is Catt, I’m a proud, Canadian graphic designer. I am from northern British Columbia and grew up a creative and artistic person. I was first introduced to graphic design and media in Alberta during high school. My media teacher was very encouraging and I even won an award for my digital illustration work and grades. I’m now a college graduate of a graphic design program in Ontario. I currently reside and am continuing to create and design in Saskatchewan. My design focus is mainly on digital illustrations, but I have traditional illustration, photography and video editing experience. I use Adobe programs such as; Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and After Effects. I am someone who believes in honesty above all else, even if it may be perceived as “harsh”. Projects that bring awareness to social issues are important. The projects I’ve done related to these issues are the projects I’m most proud of and were successful from being honest and not sugar coating or completely disregarding harsh facts.



Hi! My name is Victoria (Toria) Enever. I’m from small town Fenelon Falls in the Kawartha Lakes! I love listening to music, hanging with my shihtzu, and travelling! I have a passion for motion graphics, illustrating, and bringing said illustrations to life! Art and design has always been something I was interested in. I used to make comics and illustrate books and stories from paper and markers! I love graphic design because you can go outside the box, and it’s usually encouraged! I love turning dreams to life! The minimalist design is my favourite as it is clean and if the design is done correctly, less words is more. “If you’re a little nervous, it’s a sign you’re learning”.  




Hi. My name is Obiora Ezeasor but, you can call me Obi. I am a graphic designer. Throughout my life, I’ve always been a creative person or at least someone who would love to create things. Through most of high school I thought my end goal was to become a mechanical engineer until I took a digital arts course and fell in love with everything that has to do with graphic design and its history from there. I took more design related courses after graduating and changed paths towards becoming a graphic designer. What makes graphic design so enjoyable for me is the fact that I can make a career out of something I enjoy doing which is creating things while also making other people happy with my work. 

There are many things that inspire me when creating designs such as video games, tv shows and fantasy worlds but from the beginning of this millennium to now, design has become simpler and more minimalist to be more appealing rather than the extravagant style of the early 2000s. Personally, I really love the cool extravagant style of the old but I’m also in love with minimalism so I like to bring the best of both worlds into my designs when I can. 



My name is Gillian Hebert, I’m an Illustrator and Graphic Designer. I am here to help authors bring their stories to life with the help of illustration and character design. What truly peaked my interest in the arts was cartoons – here the rules don’t exist, and proportions are a myth. Characters and their many exaggerations are fun to create. My Mémère, Patricia Clarke-Champagne is the one who truly got me into the arts. She had the ability to see beauty in everything and share her visions with me through painting. Today, I have on going love and support from family and friends. 




Growing up in a military family enabled me to see the world with a unique perspective. With every move came new colourful landscapes, new whimsical creatures, and new stories to unravel. Traveling kept me incredibly inspired as a kid, and led me to finding a passion in art making. All I wanted to do was recreate the world around me through drawing. Although it all began with pencils and sketchbooks, eventually I found an interest in design.

Graphic Design balances both practical business skills with imagination and creativity. It’s a combination I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with, but here I am smitten. Design gives me the opportunity to help others put their ideas on paper in a way that’s professional yet playful.

I’m happy to have found this path, and am so excited to see where it will take me.



Hi! My name is Josee and my love for graphic design all started when I was 14 years old! I entered high school knowing I had an interest in art. When learning YouTube and creating my own profile pic and banner I realized, with all the fun I had creating that wanted to do it as a job. This is when I found graphic design. I started out learning how to use photoshop from YouTube tutorials and as I got better with it, I wanted to learn more. Following Photoshop, I learned Illustrator which was challenging at first, but I persevered.  

In September 2018, I started here at Canadore College, where I learned more about what I love. I enjoy creating merchandise, packaging and stationery. I enjoy the process of making digital art and being able to print or display it on items such as shirts or posters.  

I love exploring the many avenues that come with graphic design and I hope to learn much more after I’ve graduated. 



Hi, my name is Kyana! I am originally from Sudbury, Ontario, but I decided to pursue my studies in North Bay to get a sense of independence and start a new chapter for myself.  Photography is one of my favourite hobbies, whenever I attend an event or go for a hike, it is most likely that my camera is with me.  That passion for photography has stayed with me and has grown into an interest with digital illustration and motion graphics.  During high school, I took several communications technology classes along with being part of the yearbook committee.  This opened my eyes to the world of graphic design and inspired me to pursue a career in it.  During my studies at Canadore I have received so many great opportunities for learning experiences, such as working on campus with the Marketing Department.  Everyday means more creative ideas to bring to life, stories to tell and a chance to learn something new.  I have gained many skills at Canadore but the learning never ends and I can’t wait to bring that knowledge into my designs. 




Jaspher Lott is a graphic design illustrator who uses their skills to tell stories through images. Their work touches on many aspects of life and they strive to bring awareness and connect with people who struggle with mental health as it’s something so personal to them.  Working strongly with mediums in both traditional art and digital art, there are few art challenges they can’t overcome. Their goal for the future is to be a full-time artist providing affordable art that is available to everyone.  



I am Jordan Orlow, and I’m a Graphic Designer and Marketer. I’m an Advertising and Marketing Communications graduate and currently in the final semester of the Graphic Design program at Canadore.

My passion is 3D Printing and prop making. Ever since Highschool when I used the 3D Printer I was hooked. I loved the concept of taking a model from the computer and making it an actual tangible object.

My inspiration comes from my love of Mythology, Films, and Video games. When it comes to 3D Printing it is films, and video games that give me the most inspiration and the most detail. My work ends up being super simple and not a lot of detail within the designs, which is the opposite for my props and replicas I like to make. With my 3D Printer i look forward to making more products from films and video games.



My name’s Erik Lind and I created Diamondback Designs. I’ve always had a passion for art and design and it really started to flourish in my early years of high school. It began with my friends telling me that Media Arts, a computer arts class in high school, was a great and really fun class to take and that the teacher was absolutely phenomenal. That class and teacher really brought out my love for design by being supportive and simply a fun environment to be encapsulated in. I ended up taking every media class in high school after that, followed by a video editing class and makerspace class. The makerspace class taught me so much about all types of design, such as logo design, 3D design, laser etching, 3D printing and broadened my horizons as a designer. I’m now 20, finishing my last year of the Graphic Design program at Canadore College, learning more and more every day.



I am a proud Canadian born and raised in Northern Ontario. After a 30-year career as an elite gymnastics coach, I returned to school and earned an honors diploma in graphic design at Canadore College. I can’t remember a time in my life that I wasn’t designing in one way or another. I’ve always gone out of my way to make even the simplest Word documents stand out. I worked the font, borders and colours until it looked perfect. When I was in my early 20’s, I was fortunate enough to get a job as an airbrush artist while on summer break and I’ve been making art in one way or another ever since. My personal style is eclectic as I see beauty in most things and love the freedom of working in all mediums to create unique pieces. Now with the aid of Adobe and my Nikon, I try to capture the world around me and share it with everyone I can. I can meet all your design needs from a simple logo to a full branding for any business. I have a portable photo studio set-up and I love working with people to create a portrait, not just a picture. I love the challenge of taking old, damaged photos and restoring them into large digital files so the memories can be enjoyed on modern devices. I can also digitize slides and make digital slideshows for viewing in modern times.  

live with my amazing wife and our fur baby in a tiny home that truly suits are minimalist beliefs. Some would argue we still have a way to go to be true minimalist but were very happy being us. Nothing would make me happier than to travel across our amazing country in a renovated solar powered Skoolie making art and helping meet the graphic needs of my fellow Canadian dreamers. I believe in the motto “hippie wife happy life”. We are avid hikers, love to face new challenges and really get off the beaten path. We’ve spent days on the trails all over Canada and look forward to spending the rest of our lives living in the moments that bring us true joy. 



Welcome to my life as a designer! Ive always been involved in art since the beginning, as my favourite subjects in school were any type of visual, or graphic art classes. My journey to where I am now as a Graphic Design student started when my job as a customer service worker at Commerce court earned my way into a spot when the VP of Canadore came across the doodles I did on my lunch breaks. He knew I was just right for the program, and I started that September where I met my kind of people who I now call friends. I have a few years of photography experience as I explored with my Canon T4I until I got a feel for my photography style. This Design program was exactly what myself as a creative person needed, and I love showing my work off more than ever after gaining so much from these past 3 years. I have used my knowledge towards my current job where I work as head Graphic Designer. My boss and I are located at a local North Bay design shop and create many orders for clients consisting of screen prints, poster making, logo design, decal creating, heat transfer clothing prints, embroidery, and so much more! I really give thanks to my friends and family for really supporting my passion as an artist, photographer and graphic designer, because I would not be where I am today if it were not for their loving encouragement 



Hey! My name is Hengxue Ye in China, but I am called “Jenny” in Canada. My passion for graphic design began after I came to Canada. I’ve read many art magazines in my free time and went to many art galleries when traveling. 

When I started at Canadore College, my greatest passion was to use Photoshop and Illustrator. I have always liked photography, because I love traveling and participating in concerts, I will shoot my favorite scenery and stars. Now I will use graphic design to present more perfect works on the basis of shooting, it is not enough for me to design a beautiful design. I hope my design can be used in business, as I am very keen on brand design, which includes logo, packaging, advertising, etc. I like the perfect fit between my design style and the customer’s requirements, which will allow my creativity to be well reflected in the design. 

When I lived in Canada for four years, the natural scenery here inspired my artistic creativity deep in my heart. I admire the beauty of every tree and every white cloud from nature, which may become a unique graphic logo in my design. When brainstorming produces no ideas, I will go out and take a walk and absorb the inspiration that nature brings me, so many of my design works are simple and fresh. 




My name is Angela Sackanay. The labyrinths of my childhood imagination sparked the beginnings of creative expression; however, one vile concussion was the catalyst that prompted the decision to enroll in Canadore’s Graphic Design Program. 

My vison is to empower people with creative experiences and visual stories. I hope to inspire creativity and to create a positive impact through my work in this short life. 




Hey! My name Katrina Willick however I go by kat, I’m a graphic designer. My goal for design is to work for in-house design to help foster their brand.  What got me into design is getting access to Photoshop in my grade 10 photography class.  As well growing up with my mother being a part-time photographer really inspired me to want to work in the creative industry full time, another one of my huge passion of mine is cooking, I always say if I didn’t design I would be in the kitchen developing another recipe. I design through my passions though I can’t count the number of dinners I have photographed and the number of recipes I have made infographics for. I like to be a jack-of-all-trades designer, I love to work in Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects and much more software and just working by hand.


Charlotte Lyons


I’M CHARLOTTE LYONS, A GRAPHIC DESIGNER. I have been doing graphic design for over three years, but my history as a creator spans almost three decades. As well as traditional art mediums such as sketching and painting, I have a passion for more “crafty” art forms such as sewing, crocheting, and clay figure sculpture. Becoming a graphic designer has allowed me to expand my passions in the form of photography, animation, and digital artwork.



A Special Message from our Program Coordinator, Shirley Mondoux:

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